Industrial mining company ‘Kvarc’ was founded back in 1958 in Vlaško Polje near Mladenovac.

It dealt with exploitation of natural unwashed quartz sand.

The company started heading towards foundry industry with the construction of new facilities for washing, drying and separation of quartz sand in 1962.

In 1980 production of adhesives for molding, aequous and alcoholic graphite coatings, slag collectors, refractory material and other foundry industry materials has been introduced.

In 2002 ‘Kvarc‘ company starts operating with a joint-stock company status.

Privatization process of ‘Kvarc‘ JSC was started in 2006.

In 2011 ‘Kvarc‘ JSC changes its business structure in ‚Kvarc‘ ltd. and it currently numbers 15 employees, three of whom are in the management sector, four of them are in maintenance, and eight of whom are in production. All of our staff are at disposal of our esteemed customers. We are trying to improve the quality level of our production and service on a daily basis so as to fulfill the needs of our customers.

„Kvarc“ ltd – before

„Kvarc“ ltd – today












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