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‘Kvarc’ company ltd. represents a leader in Serbia regarding bentonite clay products, the material which has a wide area of application in foundry, well drilling works, closure of wells and in construction industry.

We also make hygienic litter for cats –‘Zuzi’ which, in a really short period of time, managed to find its final users, due to its excellent value for money. Furthermore, we perform quartz sand processing which involves washing, drying, dusting, and granulation.

For the needs of foundries we produce coal dust, carburite, graphite powder, as well as the refractory material for pots – silica.  

Daily we strive to improve the level of production and services to meet the needs of our customers.

Our primary task is to establish a business relation with our customers which is directed towards recognizing mutual goals and interests.

The owner of company is Ristović Mirko.

E-mail: mirko.ristovic@novikvarc.rs












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